Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Favorite Things

Yep. Your eyes are not deceiving you. I did change the background color on the blog from a blue to a slightly darker purple. I'm in love with purple for the moment. Actually, that moment has lasted for about 10 years. Guess I like purple. 

It's snowing, I'm drinking coffee and blogging. Yes, it's a perfect time. 

My girls have also decided it's a great time for a tea party. 

I adore these tiny ceramic tea sets.

So precious. Tea anyone?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some Christmas Pics

Just some happy pics to add a little warmth to the day. 

My two little ones.

I don't think Emmy liked Bibi's chin digging into her arm!

Emmy, posing for the camera.

Enjoy the holidays everyone!

Friday, December 26, 2008

We Are Here, We Are Here, We Are Heeeerre!

***the following is extrememly opinionated and may or may not have actually happened. characters are a figment of one person's imagination which may or may not be a reality in some world somewhere. any resemblance to actual people is entirely a coincidence. 

hey you all. I'm still here. I've been reading blogs when I can, but not posting much. December has to be the busiest month of the year. Finally, we get a break! Surely the next few months cannot be as stressful as the past 5 months were for me. 

I think of the year in semesters, because of school I guess. This past fall was nuts. I lost my classroom at school because we added another regular classroom. So I had to teach music on a cart, 4 carts to be exact. We move desks, I push carts, we set up instruments. I really wanted to rip my hair out, or at least gouge out my eyes. That surely couldn't be as bad as hearing those desks scrape across the floor or, "waaah! so and so is in my space" (because they're squished in what little floor space we have). Or, "I think another peg is broken on the xylophone." (Yep, another casualty of being loaded and unloaded on a cart). 

And then I had to go and tick off the most difficult, mentally unstable mother in the entire school. Remember the boob twister student? This was his mother. We were having a meeting because she was of the opinion that we teachers were setting her child off. She was going on and on about how well her child did in a one on one situation. So I suggested home schooling. She didn't like that suggestion very well. She went the the pp and explained to her how evil I was. And she insisted that her son not be in music. 

Over the next few months, her son got a free pass to roam the halls. At one point he was in the school's electric box. This is a student who will be starting middle school next year. He was supposed to be with a particular teacher when he wasn't with me, so I started writing him up every time he was running  and roaming the halls. guessed it, things came to a head again, the week of our music program. See, if a student gets too many write up's, they cannot participate in the 9 weeks reward. Mom did not like that one bit. So more meetings were held. Not sure what what my pp told her, but Mom decided to take her child out of school and...homeschool. Interesting. 

In the meantime, maintenance has been renovating a room for me in an adjacent building. They let me choose the floor tile and paint. I choose 2 shades of purple paint. The floor is light gray, with some darker gray tile as accent. I have now christened the room as the "Great Purple Room". There will be some offices out there too. Hope they like purple. It should be done in a few weeks. I'm so excited. I have large instrument pictures and I'm going to make some poster prints of some of my favorite pictures I've taken outdoors. I also want to frame and mat some poster prints of the students that I've taken. I think it will be a fun room. 

Here's to a calmer new year, less stress, and more peace and harmony. 

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