Friday, June 29, 2007

more of my fave pics

Click on any of these to see full size:
Dixie's Puppy Days

Two very sleepy girls

Princess Dora

Winter at Our House

some of my favorite pics

Pics of hubby at triathlon in Rocky Gap, MD

Wow! Thanks

Thanks to sophanne for tagging me as a rockin'girl blogger. Thank you for your kind comments about my pictures. I will post some of my favorites.

I will name my tags in an upcoming post (hubby's home, don't have much time). Check out sophanne's other picks, and check out yarnhog as well. She tagged sophanne. You all are wonderful knitters, and I live vicariously though you all.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Triathlon thursday, Triathlon week, triathlon summer, triathlon year...

My husband's home today and tomorrow. Can you guess what his second "job" is? Yeah, Triathlons. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly proud of him. My enthusiam has just leveled and waned off into our second year of training after work. Of course he says, joking, that work just gets in his way. I do think he would like to cut back his hours and train more.

Big race is on Sunday here in our little WV city. So it's a big deal here at our house. I'm sure hubby will meet his goal finishing time. He's had a few practices now in open water, so that shouldn't be as freaky as in the last race. (I don't know, I'd still be freaked out swimming in the river.)

Thanks to all you faithful blog readers! Your comments crack me up!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dogs, and Cats, and Sewing Machines, Oh My!

Poor Dixie and Princess are recovering from their big surgeries. Princess seems to be taking it well with no hard feelings. If anything, we have our sweet lap kitty back. Dixie on the other hand is none too pleased with us, and I suspect, harbors ill feelings towards the Vet.

I'm harboring ill feelings too after the sticker shock of the vet's bill. It cost more that my brand new sewing machine (which hopefully will be coming on the truck soon, LOL!). How can taking out the tiny little baby making sacks (as explained to my preschool aged daughters) cost so darn much?!!!!!!!!!

Must-calm-down. Must-breathe-deeply. Must-go-take-my meds.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

hope this isn't a sign of things to come

Okay, material is all pinned up........auuuugh!!!!!! Ancient Sewing Machine finally gave up the ghost! Warped haiku from frustrated impatient brain:

Black burnt rubber smell
Pieces fall, smoke arises
Finest days are past

New Sewing Machine
Purchased from Ebay Dealer
Arrives on truck soon.

I'm sorry, that is a horrible thing to do to haiku.

My VCR has been acting up too..........

hello tuesday

Today is a day of big changes for Princess the Cat and Dixie the Dog. I'm on my way out the door to take them to the vet for The Big Surgery. My poor kitty and puppy, but it's for the best for all concerned.

Yesterday I aquired a "stash", a fabric stash. A compulsive shopper should never get it into her head that she can make her own clothes. Now I'm staring at enough fabric to clothe a half dozen me's. What was I thinking?!

More later....

Monday, June 25, 2007

good monday morning

Ah! Here I sit with a cup of coffee and a morning filled with ideas. Yes, I finally finished all of my projects for my art class. The class is designed for elementary teachers who have no background in art. That sums me up fairly well.

So, what do I get into now? Should I make the second quilt out of my daughters' receiving blankets? Nah, maybe later. Should I make my own cosmetics Natural Beauty at Home ?

Oh no, those poor projects, waiting so faithfully for me, are set aside for the new and shiny once again. slapdash sewing

Sounds gloriously simple, doesn't it? My new/old used book just arrived in the mail, and I cannot wait to dive in. I remembered the book from my highschool library. And I actually made something out of it. Nevermind that one sleeve was longer than the other; my enthusiasm has been renewed. And I justified it by assuring myself that I have more patience now. Images of cute little outfits are dancing through my head. So, I set off today insearch of material. I'll keep you posted..... Many thanks to sophanne for showing me how to link.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


My lovely nymph deserves her own post

The rest of the family.

My hubby, my oldest nymph (Emmy), and Dixie our large puppy who thinks she's a lapdog. The other picture is of our beautiful rescued kitten, Princess. Perhaps I should call her the $300 cat, because that's how much it cost to nurse her back to health. There's nothing free about abandoned kittens. However she has a sweet personality that money can't buy.

Bibi and Tubby

Tubby never had children in her life until she came to live with us. She really seems to like our girls.

Friday, June 22, 2007

okay time to get to work

True to my previous post, I have not been busy...unless you count the time spent trying to figure out how to post pictures. I am taking an art class for continuing ed credits and need to finish all of my projects...soon. I'm enjoying the class even thought I did not think I could draw. I suprised myself with a few of my finished products. This class has been a joy.

Not Busy

Speaking of not being busy, Tubby is sprawled out under the magazine table again. Tubby, christened Cinnamon the Cat, aquired her nickname for obvious reasons. Tubby came from another family a few months ago. They could no longer keep her due to allergies. We don't seem to have any animal allergies, good thing. My compulsion kicked in not long before this past Christmas, and we went from zero animals to 2 cats, and currently 1 dog. I had come home with 2 puppies, but realized the error of my ways and remedied that situation. Why couldn't I just have stuck with houseplants?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What?! A Sometimes Thing

Okay, it's a funny name for my blog spot. But it fits, as I used to be a stay at home mom, until I decided to go back to teaching full time 6 months ago, and now I'm home again because of summer vacation. So, I'm a sometimes stay at home mom, sometimes a full time working mom. I'm also a sometimes baker, sometimes crafter, sometimes artist, sometimes gardener, and you get the picture... Whatever happens to catch my fancy.

I am all the time a full time mom.

I am all the time me, but sometimes have to rediscover myself, as a being, seperate from my family. Occasionally I surprise myself when my unalloyed soul bubbles up to the surface.

I am busy, a given fact as a mother. I seem unambitious to people when I say I deliberately try not to be busy. Ah, but so what!

About This Blog

Hmm, seems somewhat redundant. I'm a mom of 2 lovely ladies. I'm the wife of a triathlete machine. I'm a general music teacher in a public school. I like to take pictures of things, especially things i consider beautiful. I like to share. As long as it isn't food. Enjoy!

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