Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tiny Sucesses

Thank you everyone for all of your kind comments and encouragement. It helps, a lot.

My outlook is brighter. My situation hasn't really changed, but the students have been better than I hoped for. They've been so kind, offering to help me move instruments, and I've received lots of hugs. I love those hugs. We're not technically allowed to hug the students, but they can hug us.

It's nice that the students and I are starting together, as opposed to last year I started in the middle of the school year. They were already set in their ways (and those ways were not good). Now, we can set up our expectations together.

Finally, my tiny sucess: my holdout class from last year-I had no idea what I was going to do with them for the Spring program because they were used to sitting on their bottoms for music class with their old teacher. And by gosh they weren't changing for me! Yesterday was our second day of music together this year, and we MADE MUSIC! The first time they realized it, there was kind of a shocked silence and then excitement that went over the room. I was just as surprised as them, but I thought, "see, all you guys had to do was trust me."

Thankgoodness for tiny sucesses.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An Imperfect Fit

So I'm putting hubbie's clean clothes away, and I run out of hangers. Instead of looking for a hanger to hang up his last shirt, I grumble, roll it up into a ball and stuff it into the closet somewhere. And then it struck me, a perfect analogy for an imperfect fit.

My moral is low. My first week of work in a poor state and poor county. I'm a music teacher so I'm an "in the way" necessity. A necessity because, hey I"m just a planning period. "In the way" because, they have to provide a place somewhere for me to teach. Unlike other states, many music and art and PE teachers don't have their own room to teach in. And so, I'm "stuffed" somewhere. Hey, it doesn't matter if it's not the same room everyday. It doesn't matter if I have an 18 piece Xylophone (Orff) ensemble to move everyday.

It doesnt' matter that I spent thousands of my own dollars taking Orff Schulwerk classes in NY to become a better music teacher. It dosn't matter that I'm certified in Music, but I"m going to be teaching Reading classes. At least I'm "put away" somewhere for the day.

An Imperfect Fit.

What Am I Doing Here?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Secret Fun

My school (one of them, I travel to two) is a technology prison, no email (only a school account), no internet use except for academic stuff, no nothing. However, one of the neighbors has wireless internet. It's quite nice. It's lunch time. I'm enjoying it out here on the playground! It's my secret fun, shhh! Loud music and headphones block out any noise but my own chewing. I'm going to enjoy catching up everyone's blogs!

Friday, August 24, 2007

On A Lighter Note

Too tired to write, but not wanting to leave everyone on a downer, I'm going to shamelessly base this blog on someone elses' material.

My NY friend, Gina had an interesting dinner conversation with her Grandmother, her Mom and her Dad. Svelt vs. Smelt. There's so much going on in this conversation on so many different levels, it's really too funny.

Since we've been discussing Technology and Ice Cream, I feel that this loosely, in the absolute worst sense, ties in with my previous blogs. And even if it doesn't, it ends my week on a good laugh!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Sophanne and I have been blogging about the same meeting. Yesterday the entire staff of our school district (1000+) had to meet at our local university in a town already packed to the brim with 27,000 university students. Brilliant idea. And then the speaker, who was mostly interesting, sang our schools' ( all of the schools in North America) Swan Song: Technology is leaving us behind. America's days of economic leadership have come to an end. Our schools have become "museums". All because we focus on standarized testing. (And it's taken him how long to figure that one out?)

Now, I'm not saying that I disagree with him, but he's preaching to the choir here!

I agree with Sophanne. Related Arts teachers have the capability to use technology and use it well in real life applications in the classroom. But we are the least likely to get it. During our staff meeting today we were asked how we would use a video as a type of a tool. I said, "First I'd get my imaginary laptop out. And then I would use it on my imaginary white board..." They cut me off. I didn't even get to the part about interacting with it, Power Point and Internet. When I get evaluated as a teacher, there is a "use of technology" section. Do you know what most principals fill in there? "Uses instruments".

Thanks for letting me blow off steam, sorry for the bitter rant. Thus, the ice cream, and I don't even like ice cream. I remembered that as I was at the bottom of my cup.


(To the tune of Yesterday)
One thousand teachers and administraters in one room,
One speaker telling us our schools are doomed,
Oh, I'm so glad it's not yesterday.

Who's bright idea was it anyway,
To meet at the University (record enrollement of 27, 000 students).
Oh, I'm forced to park a mile away.

I fought with traffic and picked up my kids,
Went to the ice cream shop and ate like a pig,
Oh, I'm hoping for a Better Day.

Yes, I'm hoping for a Better Day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday, Smoozeday

Does that make any sense? No, but it sounds cool.

See what happens? I gripe about my area being the "backwoods", so the electricty goes out and stays out...for 14 hours. I had enough time for my first attempt at a nightie for Emmy. Ugh, must try again. Too small in the chest, and the cut is all wrong.

Thankgoodness the power came on in time for our first cup of coffee this morning! I'm going to try the nightie again!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Living in Denial

Living in Denial that I have to go back to work on wednesday. WHERE DID MY SUMMER GO?!!!!!

I'm going to sew like crazy over the next two days, want to make a skirt for myself, and two nighties for my daughters (consolidation for them accompanying me to the fabric store yesterday).

Yes, I went to the fabric store again insearch of silks to make a "magic skirt", a two layer silk wrap around skirt made with contrasting/sorta matching print. Can be labled as beachwear. Have you seen something like it? I bought one, a beautiful full-lenght, at the beach. It's just a half circle skirt with two layers, one shorter than the other, with ties and button holes, so you can wrap it. And I have the crazy idea that I can make one. Unfortunately, I cannot find any beautiful printed silk down here in the, gripe, gripe. So will have to order online, yikes! Maybe that will hapen someday after I learn how to knit.

I did find a cotton print I like, so I'll make a fun little skirt to wear back to school. But it's not the same...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Crack Me Up Saturday

Thank you all for your encouragement. I'm beginning to get brave enough to try. I think it will be fun!

This is my first "crack me up saturday" post. Thanks Sophanne for starting the CMUS.

So I was researching knitting and crocheting online yesterday and came across *this* (warning, not for immature eyes).

Oh my gosh, ROFL! It put me into snorting fits.

It's courtesy of what not to crochet. The comments are even funnier, especially on the American Thanksgiving Cornucopia thingy. (The cornucopia thing is on page 2, you'll have to click back to the previous page.)

Good for a laugh you all, if you haven't come across this site before! Happy weekend!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Holdout, maybe no more?

Okay, you all may have done it. I'm tired of living vicariously through you all. I want the real thing.

Looking at a year ahead full of meetings, coupled with sharing my room with the art teacher, and no internet (because, really, why does a music teacher need internet access- do you hear the sarcasam in my words?), and I am seriously considering taking up knitting.

Knitting or crocheting, which do you recommend? This is for my sanity only. Although I like hats, scarves, and socks, and would get a kick out of wearing my own.

I've been a holdout for so long. I grew up with a family that spins, knits and weaves. I own all sorts of angora mittens, wool socks, and woven scarves (my fave? the pink mohair one, also love that white angora/wool head wrap my mom wove.) No mom, I'm not buying your loom yet.

On the home front, Bibi is feeling better, thankgoodness. She slept all night without any coughing fits. Thank you for all of your best wishes for her.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poor Bibi

My littlest one has not been feeling well the past few days. It's some sort of viral thing. She hasn't been sleeping well. So she falls asleep where ever she happens to be during the day.

Tubby is keeping vigil.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast

Okay folks, I tried it: Sophanne's Peanut Butter Breakfast and I like it! I love bananas and peanut butter together anyway, and bananas and milk, so it's a perfect fit.

I was searching everywhere for the crunchy peanut butter. I thought my kids, in their wrath, threw it out. I guess crunchy peanut butter on a pb&j would be an unpleasant surprise if one was expecting creamy peanut butter.

In my search I found two already opened creamy peanut butters in the fridge and one unopened jar of creamy peanut butter in my pantry. I also found an abandoned head of garlic by the oats, and a lone onion that should have been thrown out. I guess it's been 4 weeks since my pantry has seen the light of day.

Finally, during my third frantic search of the fridge, I found the crunchy pb in the door shelf. Really! The door shelves are no better than black holes in my fridge. For some reason they are always overlooked when I clean out my fridge. I'm sure an entire blog can be written on abandoned items (and the various life forms they have taken on) left in door shelves.

Finally a quote from my husband during our vacation in response to my complaining. This actually made me laugh; Hubbie said, "You took your happy pill right? So be happy."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Picture Day of Our Beach Trip, Oak Island, NC

Click on any picture to enlarge.

The Girls are flying kites with daddy's help.

Daddy and girls build a sandcastle.

I'm splashing in the waves. Some of them were rough.

We stopped at a rest area on the way home to let the girls stretch their legs.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, blah

Back home, from the flurry that had been the beach and the 2 weeks in NY, with a week in between...Now I have to put stuff away, thus the "blah". I've been away from home so much I seem to have forgotten where things go.

I start back to work in a week and a half. I don't know how I'm going to handle the change. The nice agreeable Lydee will have to come out of storage, but I think I left her somewhere, because I can't find her right now.

My cats were thrilled when we arrived home the other night. We crashed in bed, but the cats obviously wanted to socialize with us some more. They started off by sleeping with us, which should have been my first warning. In the middle of the night, Princess began attacking my feet under the blankets. So out the door she went. Next Tubby (who almost never plays) started jumping on my feet. Out she went. Princess snuck back in with her squeaky toy. "Squeak! ....Squeak!" Out the door she went again. "THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!" What in the world is that?! I go out to investigate. The cats are playing with the glider/rocker and banging it up against our bedroom wall. I move it. "MEOW!" Hubbie lets Princess in to use the litter box.... And so on it went the entire night.

And then Princess had the nerve to take a nap in front of me the next morning! She was just so worn out!

More pictures later...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pics from the Beach

Picture Day, well actually I've only taken a few so far, and it was in the evening, so they're not great, but I'll take more later.

Click on any to view full size.

Bibi and another "critter", a crab

Hubbie and girls. Emmy has a lollipop in her mouth.


Hubbie and girls

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Cue the comes Jaws.

Yesterday we saw our first live shark at the beach. Luckily none of us were in the water. It was close, right were we would have been, had we been in the water. It was during high tide, and the water has been really warm. We decided it was time to go in and take a nap.

Anyway, we've been the in the water during low tide and have had a lot of fun. I need to take pictures. I hate taking electronics on the the beach, but I'll have to get some pictures. The girls have been making sandcastles and friends, other little girls about their age.

Bibi has had a great time looking for critters on the beach. She's dug for clams, and sand fleas. Yesterday she brought a sand flea to show me and accidently dropped it in my overstuffed beach bag. That created some excitement. Poor thing, he was dazed and comfused by the time we finally got him out.

It's low tide this morning, so we're going to head out.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Beach Houses know...bugs

Last year we stayed in an condo. After washing the throws on the couch (because they smelled strongly of someone elses body) and have a neighbor's whirlpool flooding our bathroom, I insisted this year on a clean looking, newer house to rent at the beach. So we are in a beautiful house, not huge, but very nice, new and tastefully furnished (if you can believe it, no seashell lamps and cane furniture).

So what so I see skitter across the kitchen floor? My Favorite Phobia, The Roach. Oh my freaking gosh! After the dust settled, hubbie saw this memo on the fridge. I quote verbatium with my own comments added inside [brackets]:

And now to everyone's least favorite topic...bugs (yuck!)

There is a chance you may see a Waterbug also called Palmetto Bug in your home or condo. [how funny, cute names for cockroaches, nothing like denial] These "outdoor" insects live in the moist ground cover, mulch, underneath decks, lumber, etc. There are three reasons they may be seen inside.

During mating season, the female emits a light, so the males see the lights on in a home/condo and think it's their mate. [translation, turn the lights off and you won't see them skittering across your countertops]
Seeking water and moisture [translation, I think they meant to say water and food, but thought better of it]
Seeking shelter from excessive rainfall

Once inside, these insects will die within days because they cannot live long outside their natural habit. [here's the link that talks about roaches surviving a nuclear blast]
So, if you see one of these "Southern residents", keep in mind that they cannot be eradicated [translation, it's not our problem]
However, if you think the whole family has moved in, we'll be happy to send an exterminator to help "control" the uninvited guests! [if you're threatening to sue, we'll try to do something]

End of memo.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

We Made It

We made it to the beach last last night. Our trip was greatly IMPROVED from last year thanks to the portable DVD player (duel screen, with headphones). And nobody peed themselves. And I had stocked up on water and snacks at walmart the night before instead of spending too much on them at the gas station. Maybe it was the mega M&M's that really made the trip bearable for my husband and I.

Emmy does have strep throat, thankgoodness I took her to the doctor's before we left. They're treating both girls with antibotics, gotta watch that sunburn as a nasty side effect, I know. I found that out the hard way a few years ago. Anyway, the girls seem to be feeling better.

More later, family is waiting for me so we can make another run to the store. Popcorn and hot chocolate are calling me.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Packing Up Again and Children's Illnesses

Thanks for your comments and encouragement on "In Defense of Hubbie". I have revealed Anonymous's identy in the comment section.

Early tomorrow morning we leave for Oak Island, NC. So that means I'm packing up...again. As you all know from my previous posts, I'm a bit of a procrastinator in the packing department. Bibi's suitcase still isn't unpacked from her stay at Grandma's during my second week in NY. I have half a mind to zip it up and call it done. My older daughter Emmy can pack for herself with a small amount of guidance.

Speaking of my oldest daughter, we have been at each other for the past few days. She's only four but has already discovered the "nobody likes me" phrase. I tell her to go eat worms. She does something to her sister, I reprimand her, she says, "then I won't have ANYBODY to play with." Convinced that it just one of those "alien takeover" phases of her life, we go to visit grandma last night.

The first words out of that child's mouth is, "Grandma, my throat hurts." Well! Why didn't she tell me, her own mother! Sure enough, one look at her throat confirmed that she's sick. Her sister has a red throat too. That explains the "alien takeover". I just wouldn't have expected it in the middle of summer.

And then as we were pulling into the driveway last night, she threw up. She said, " I have to throw up. " Poor Bibi, I yanked her blanket out of her sleeping hands and held it over Emmy's mouth. Bibi woke up, she's crying and trying to get her blankie back, I'm trying to catch the barf in the blankie. Hubbie's trying to hurry up and park, and he's telling me not to let Emmy choke on the barf.....and the barf consisted of the fresh corn she had at Grandma's. Why is it alway corn when this happens?

So we go to the doctor's today. At least this didn't happen while we are down at the beach. Poor little things, I hope they feel better soon. I don't know but this doesn't seem like a good omen.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

In Defense of Hubbie

Ok, so hubbie was taken aback when he glanced at my Transitions post. Really, hubbies shouldn't look at blogs sometimes. So, in defense of him (he thought you all would think he was a pig), I must tell about the wonderful surprise he did while I was gone. He painted the girls bedroom and ours. Up to this point we just had the white primer paint on the walls. He also created two chalkboards over each girl's bed with chalkboard paint and molding (painted in a complementary color). He used a router on the bottom piece of molding to create a chalk tray.

In our room he built me a bigger and better bookshelf (that's a man after my own heart), chose a perfect color of paint, rearranged a few things, cleaned it, and found a gorgeous bed in a bag on a fabulous sale. Candles and flowers completed it. It was beautiful. He has the designer's gift, I definitely don't.

So now I'm feeling slightly ashamed of myself. He is a good hubbie.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"The Full Monty" Triathlon Style

In honor of my first "exposure" to The Full Monty, my triathlon hubbie thought this might be a triathlon I'd actually be interested in watching The Bare Hare Triathlon. He says, "sweetie doesn't this tri sound fun. since you are into the whole feeling free and unhindered thing..."

Unfortunately no general spectators allowed, only participants and guests. I suppose hubbie could sign me on as a guest. I'd love to see how they manage the bicycle part of the race.

There will be a group photo, "Bare or clothed..." I think we'll leave that to the imagination...

Make-Ups and The Full Monty

Hubbie and I have made up. I think. It's hard giving up 2 weeks of blessed independence. But I wouldn't be who I am without the support behind me. I love my family and thank God for them.

On a completely different topic, a friend and I went to see The Full Monty and got... the full monty! I really didn't know what the "full monty" meant. I do now. "Woo, Honey! Are we feeling a breeze in here?"

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who you are) I did not take any pictures. I suppose if I did and posted them, it would affect my blog rating, LOL!

Well, we'll just rank that little bit of naivete up there with the dry martini I ordered last week. What a week of education for me!


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