Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

The new paint in my kitchen and family room looks good. Hubby did it all, he's amazing. We finally bought a new sofa, loveseat & "man chair" for the family room. Visions of dustmites in the old ones made me do it. And Bibi broke the old "man chair", so hubby was "sold" on the idea of new furniture.

Hubby also made our jack-o-lanterns (above and below).

So what have I done lately?

"By faith we understand that the house was cleaned at mom's command, so that what is seen was not done by what was visible..." (my apologies to the writer of "Hebrews"). In other words, I made sure the laundry fairy and cleaning fairy showed up to work everyday.

Sorry, I have such a warped sense of humor....Have a great day everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2007

new monday

Lots of new stuff going on. Hubby decided to paint the walls in our house. We chose the colors, I dragged my feet about starting, but he went ahead and began painting. He's painted the kitchen and the family room. The walls were white, and now they have some color, instant gratification!

The house itself is a mess. There are items on every flat surface. It will look nice once it's put back together.

I went to CPI Training this weekend, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training Program. The school didn't require me to go, but it was suggested to me last year. It's not all about restraints, it's more about recognizing the levels of a crisis and responding in a way that would prevent having to restrain the individual. I thought they had some good information, definitely information that I needed and can use.

Have a nice week everyone.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

woo hoo!!!

I'm getting a haircut today! Anyone who's lived with a bad hair cut knows the joy in this feeling.

Trying hard to keep work at work. I've been keeping a work journal. I write in it after each class, the good, bad and ugly. What I liked and didn't like about my lesson, and notes on particular students. It's helped me to defuse.

Emmy's taking gymnastics. She's worried about "breaking her egg". Apparently, they pull their legs up to their chest and wrap their arms around their legs, making an "egg". Then they try to roll/sumersault while staying wrapped up in their "egg" shape. I told her to practice at home, that's her homework. Daddy, being the sweet one, said we'll help her.

Bibi, who is no longer called "Bibi" by her sibling (now her sibling can not only say the "V" but spell her sister's full name as well), is getting so tall. No more breath holding temper tanturms, thankgoodness. The doctor said she'd outgrow them, and the doc was right. Bibi would hold her breath to the point of passing out. It was exciting times.... I guess I used to do that too. God's vengenance was upon me.

My husband got really mad when I told my oldest (during one of her stubborn moments- those moments when she says, "I WONT' HAVE ANY MORE BIRTHDAYS!" she's 5), I said, that God put her here to test me. Not a great way to endear her to God, I suppose. Not very mature on my part either. Perhaps I said the birthday thing to my own mother, and really did quit aging at 11 years old...

One can only hope that their kids will have children of their own.

Have a good day everyone!

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