Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is Here!

spring is here, spring is here, la la la la la (sing it with me now)!

Yea! And i am enjoying my full week of spring break. How is it we get a break after [umm, cough, 'teensomething] snow days? I don't really frickin' know! Something about the law, and the unions, and bunions, and I don't care, but it's here! yea!

And so, for the past month or so, i've been pouring over my gardening magazines and catalogues. My goal this year is to define the borders of my yard. It still looks like a great big field, which is what it was, up until 2 or 3 years ago. All it's missing are the cows.

Last year we bought some pine tree sticks. And that's what they still look like, sticks. We put them along our east property line, between our house and the neighbors who just build their house. Some have died. But the others will grow, they're doing ok. This year we bought some larger pines to replace the dead ones. And we bought some leyland cypress to put along the north side of our property, between our house and the road. I hear that they get tall, but we have plenty of room for them. My yard is beginning to look defined, well, it will look defined when we get all the trees in. I'm so excited.

My front flower beds still look bare from winter. I'm moving some of my Autumn Joy sedum toward the middle and back of the bed since it gets so tall. A bunch of bulbs came up. They're not all blooming yet. The deer snacked on some tulips, so i bought "liquid fence" to spray on my plants. That is the nastiest, foulest smelling stuff I have ever encountered. Cough. Gag. Nasty. I hope the deer think so too!

Cheers and happy spring! Will post pictures of flowers sooner, or later!

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