Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fall, Stall Here at Our House

Ha, ha, it's a little pun. And, it's a rather ironic statement. Really, if i wanted company, why did i move so far out into the country? Garmin doesn't even know where we are. I'm such a freakin' hermit crab.

It has been a beautiful month here though. Usually Sept and Oct are the beautiful months, but this Nov was gorgeous. And warm. I love unexpected warm weather.

Today the sky is crystal clear, the sun is low in the sky casting a warm amber glow on everything. I am so glad i didn't cut the seed heads on my Pampas grass, or move them to their new home yet. I will probably be regretting this decision in the spring; they cannot stay in my front flowerbeds. They get too big and send out too many runners. Next Spring I'll move them closer to the edge of the yard where they'll have all the room they need. But for now they look so lovely in the warm sunlight swaying in the breeze, their fluffy tan seedheads blending in with the browns of the trees in the distance.




Imagine my surprise yesterday when it started snowing! Woah, wasn't ready for that one. But it was beautiful in it's unexpectedness and my girls bundled up and went outside to play. It didn't stick around for long, but it was lovely while it lasted.

We also spent some time at a nearby state park. We had a little campfire going, and Bibi's pants stretched out by the fire, drying, because Bibi has the knack of getting her pants wet in various ways. The park ranger drove by, stopped, got out and started walking towards us. We thought for sure we were in trouble, maybe we shouldn't have started that fire. But he just came by to say how pleased he was to see families getting out and enjoying the park. Phew.


Smores! Yum!


Bibi looks so content.


Emmy. I can't get her to not pose for the camera.


Bibi and her Stick. She finds sticks wherever we go.


I think Fall might be my favorite season of the year...


Haley December 2, 2009 at 7:49 PM  

gorgeous photos and beautiful girls!

nurmisur December 8, 2009 at 11:01 PM  

Beautiful pictures. And your girls are so cute.

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