Saturday, December 1, 2007

okay, so what have I done so far?

My neighbor called. He wanted to know if I was missing a pool. Well, no not really since it's 30 degrees out and I don't do the polar club thing...oh, it's a plastic blue wading pool? Come to think of it, that empty spot under my porch hasn't been looking so junky lately; yeah I guess I am missing a pool. What? It's been in your yard for a few days? Well, Merry Christmas, why don't you put Santa in his skivvies inside, decorate it with lights and call your christmas decorating "done". Guess I'll take my ugly pool back home. Really I wouldn't have blamed him if he threw it out. When would I have noticed it was gone anyway?

Still no gifts bought, still no money to call my own. I really did a doozy. Should be digging myself out soon. My christmas letter is done, but not copied, printer's out of ink. Need to get that taken care of. House is semi clean, hopefully I can keep it that way. Oh Man! Hubby is taking out the garbage w/o being asked! Really, what more do I need for Christmas? Maybe a clone to come teach my music classes for a few days?


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