Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh The Smells You Can Smell!

I'm getting in touch with my sensitive side. Or my "senses" side. My sense of smell anyway. I really noticed smells (good, bad and ugly) this past week at work:

  • The sweet smell of a clean room (the kids noticed it, i told them to thank mr. custodian because he works so hard to clean our room, and they did)
  • The mint spray disinfectant matienance gave me to sanitize my instruments (supposed to help prevent the swine flu. i decided to disinfect my sticks today while student teacher taught, i forgot she needed the sticks for her lesson. doh.)
  • Body odor from my older students at the end of a folk dance (they're in the process of discovering how magical deodorant can be)
  • Drywall (in the main building close to the construction area)
  • Some compound that smelled like paint thinner (in the main building- it was at the end of the day, origin- construction)
  • Manure, absolutely permenated all of the outside air around the entire bldg. I figured they must have hauled manure in the dumpsters before they switched them out with our old ones. It is strong.
You know you teach in a country school when the students say "It smells like Cows!" as they walk past the dumpsters to your room.

I'm glad that's all they said.

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