Thursday, June 12, 2008

party, what party?

I attended my first work related retirement party last night. Not for me (!), for our PP. It was at a sports bar (leave it to a p.e. teacher to organize :-). Apparently there is "Sports Bar I" and "Sports Bar II". They're relatively close together, a small walk, and different enterances, seperates one from the other. The party was at "Sports Bar II". I unknowingly went to "Sports Bar I", sided up to the bar and asked where the party was. (Good thing nobody at the bar said something stupid like, it's at my house baby. I woulda had to slug him.)

Hey! It's not even in the same bldg! Flustered I half-listened to the bartender's directions, scurried out of there and got lost, again. I stopped in a Nails Salon and asked for directions (at least I ask!). The women look at me like I'm crazy, but someone steered me in the right direction. I finally arrive, keeping the secrets of my embarrassing fiasco to myself.

Woo Hoo, the p.e. and art teacher saved me a seat. Anyhoo, I had a nice time. I drank one cocktail, lots of water and kept my mouth shut.

Some highlights that cracked me up, pp's speech:

He thanked the social committee for choosing a classy place that reflected his taste. (sarcasm)

He loves his email and he said he got his first taste of what our school would be like when one teacher told him her door was 15 feet from his office, and if he had anything important to say, he could yell it down the hall, she wasn't going to check her !#@$% email.

He thanked another teacher saying he could always count on him to stir up something at school.

Apparently I'm "an easy pickup", which was not what he meant, but how it came out (I think he meant I picked up how to teach quickly when I did my student teaching.).

Another teacher stood up and said she always "liked being under him."

And when he came to a teacher he didn't get along with, he said (names changed), "Lisa....what can I say about Lisa?... Lisa is Lisa....She anchors her end of the hall."

Anyhoo, the end of an era. In pp's defense, he was supportive of the arts, not a trait that many pp's share, and that made my job easier. But there were difficult times as well, just like with anybody.

All's well that end's well.


sophanne June 12, 2008 at 8:38 AM  

I've never had a ppal retire. They don't stay on our end long enough. There are teachers who have retired in my building though that I will miss forever and a day. I only sort of realized that it was "an end of an era" when they left.

Smart move on the drink and mouth thing. I refrain from all things alcohol at faculty gatherings. Too many things that I fear might come popping out of my mouth.

Tammy June 12, 2008 at 10:32 AM  

First of all, I'm impressed that you asked for directions! At a nail salon none the less! I will walk/search/drive endlessly to avoid asking directions.

The party sounds fun though and your PP sounds like a funny guy. Enjoy your summer!

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