Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning, weekend and other things

The easter bunny visited us this morning and left rabbit pellets presents. The girls were, of course, thrilled. The easter bunny's brain size must have increased from last year, because she included an Easter dress for my oldest. What a brilliant, ingenious idea: to have a prepurchased dress, with a coordinating sweater, ready to go. Oldest is thrilled with my easter bunny's pick. 

Why oh why oh why haven't I tried this sooner? I've wasted precious years.... Rewind to last year, oldest and I shopping for an Easter Dress. Emmy darling has such  picky distinguished taste. I had long ago lost my patience somewhere between the baby and the young lady dresses. She wants a sundress. I want something a little nicer. And then, all easter dresses are made for 80 degree and sunny weather. So I want a sweater. A sweater would cover up the dress MOM! She wants new shoes. You don't need another pair of new shoes. Tights, slips, choices,  ADVIL. 

So congrats to the Easter Bunny. She saved the day, or at least my sanity. Youngest could care less about dresses, so we bought her an easter outfit: pink shirt, khaki pants with flowers. "Yeah, that's great mom...'PIDER MAN CRAYONS! I got 'pider man crayons!!!" Thankgoodness for Spider Man Crayons. $1 at Target. 

So I have next week off, the entire freaking week. I don't want the week off. With that much time, I'll have to reboot myself in order to start teaching again the following monday. 

Why couldn't we have had Good Friday off and this monday only, and make up our snow days the rest of this week? WHY did we have to work on Good Friday?! Out of 330 students we had 113 absent. I had 2 classes with 7 students! It won't even count as a makeup day, 'cause we had 1/3 of our students absent. BUREAUCRACY RULES! NOT!!!!!!! 

All the same, I'll get caught up with house stuff this week. 


wvmountainmama March 23, 2008 at 9:22 AM  

Happy Easter! Nice post- For the record, I, who have Friday and Monday off only, am jealous of you!

Heidi Ho March 23, 2008 at 7:08 PM  

I have to say...I am totally THRILLED to have the week off, but I am taking my last trip to WV All-State children's choir on Thursday and Friday. So, I guess I will be "re-booted" by the time I have to go back!

I love the "easter dress" idea. That is totally going into the baby rolodex of ideas. (no, I don't actually have a rolodex....that's an idea I thought was smart too, but didn't get to it!!!) I'll just try real hard to remember!!!

Gina April 5, 2008 at 10:20 PM  

You had to work on Good Friday????
We didn't, but we don't get our spring break until the 14th of April! I am brain fried and ready for it now.

Anyways, your post had me laughing out loud. Congrats!

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