Monday, July 13, 2009


Pappy and Emmy, Oak Island 2009

It's been an unusual, stressful weekend. Hubby was on call last week, and then his dear dad was admitted to the hospital. Pappy wasn't feeling well during our vacation, but the doctor told him he was dehydrated. He began to be in terrible pain after their return home. A few more trips to the doctors and one ER visit still left everyone baffled. And Pappy continued to feel worse. Pappy is the sort to only to to the doctor as a last resort, so we knew he was in a lot of pain. Another doctor visit and another ER visit finally showed that he has Lyme Disease. Apparently, Pappy is one of the few people that didn't get the rash.

It seems like Pappy is going to be ok, but they're keeping him in the hospital for a few days to watch his heart rhythm and make sure he will not need a pacemaker. This has been so difficult for Pappy because he is an active guy, lifting weights, riding his mountain bike, doing masonry work, fishing, etc. And Pappy loves his grandkids and hates not being able to see them.

Pappy will heal from this, but it may take some time. We hope it will happen quickly so he can get back to doing the things he loves.

Pappy and Emmy fishing, Oak Island 2009

Pappy and grandkids, OI 2009

Emmy and Pappy Catch a Fish, OI 2009


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