Thursday, August 20, 2009

I quit my meds. and other useless stuff.

So i weaned myself off of zoloft. that is , i quit taking it cold turkey. Why take a half of a half of a pill to wean off; that sounded pretty useless. So i just stopped taking them.

i cannot believe the mood swings in this household from not taking a half of a half of a pill. My moods were pretty bad too.

I bought my first bottle of wine in 3 months. I figure it's just from the thought of going back to work. Maybe the mood swings have something to do with it, but i doubt it. it's not me, it's them. It always was.

I have too much stuff to do for summer to be over; doesn't it know that yet?? like clean my house. that was big on my list of things to do this summer. yeah when summer break comes, i'm going to clean my house. yeah.

...putting clean the house on the list for next summer.

I did get a lot done this summer, and i got to visit many new blogs! I made a new template. I discovered i could sell my photos through micro stock photography. micro stock = micro payment, but still. think of all the photos i can tag and label during school meetings.

i've always wanted something constructive to do during meetings.

I also (finally) finished the second of the "easiest quilts to make, ever". I made them out of my girls old flannel baby blankets. Just piece together, find a lining (i used an old bed sheet), find a backing (i used another old flannel bed sheet) and connect (with yarn every 6 in, or with a fancy stitch on the sewing machine).

Pictorial History of said blanket, not necessarily in order because i'm drinking wine.
you get the idea....









I discovered i love taking pictures more and more. And I'm working on being able to sell them through a particular website. (some website. whichever will take me.)I want to save up for a nicer camera with interchangeable lenses and manual adjustments.

Also i finally made a flower garden that i'm proud of .

Yeah, it's been good. now, i can finally relax. I'm going back to work.

Where I may, or may not have a room. again. due to construction. or constriction. of someone's brain. cause they're so stupid.

do you know our school is missing from the school board's map? the map hangs in their building. and we're not on it. hey, at least i know that i'm not the only person no one wants to claim. Who, her? she just shows up here everyday. no one hired her.

What? that school? they just showed up one day and started teaching kids. no one invited them to join along.


Tomorrow I'll post some sweet end of summer eye candy in honor of going back to work/school. I promise.

xx oo


Aunt Becky August 22, 2009 at 11:27 AM  

Your pictures are lovely. You have a talent and an obvious eye for what makes a good snap. Awesome.

Tammy August 22, 2009 at 12:23 PM  

I was going to clean my house this summer too... wondering if I can still squeeze it in. FWIW, my mood has not been good either. I'm very irritable too much of the time... but you're classier than me. I bought a six pack of beer instead of wine. ;)

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