Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tubby Violated My Child's Dinosaur!

Two scenes that cracked me up this evening...

  1. Tubby (my 'super sized' cat) sitting dangerously close to a piece of string and a toy dinosaur looking extremely guilty. (tubby looked guilty. the dinosaur just looked violated.) Tubby has a dinosaur fetish lately. I've caught her sleeping with a plastic dinosaur the other night. I just wonder if she needs cat therapy...
  2. My two stacked up oversized containers of chai tea in my tea cupboard. Oversized because i'm too cheap to go to a real coffee shop and buy the real stuff. Stacked up because i'm afraid of running out. because. i'm addicted. It's so hot outside, so i sit inside in air conditioning so i can drink my hot chai tea. hot. because. i'm addicted.
  3. (i can't count) myself, drinking chai tea. it finally dropped to 86 out there. I think i'll go outside.

I've been tossing around a post about the easy quilt i made. but quilts aren't sexy. and i'm all about sexy here. and fat cats. and my stupid addictions.

speaking of addictions. i've decided. i'm going to save up to buy the Canon Rebel xitsblah, blah, blah whatever it's called. it's a lower price but i can still buy extra lenses and change them out. fun and i can't wait. i can't wait to play around with it and see what pictures i can take. i'm also considering selling prints of my photos. thoughts anyone?

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