Sunday, July 22, 2007

I am, The Other Woman

I've been thinking about how to diplomatically blog about this, you know, you don't want to post anything you wouldn't want on the front of the newpaper, and so on. But I figure I'm just going to go for it.

So, some of you may know how excited I am about my new music teaching job. It was a long time coming. I was a permanent sub the second half of this past school year, and when the job came up for bid, I bid on it, and got it. There was also a second permanent sub in our district who also bid on her job and got it, let's call her teacher "B".

Henceforth: enters the third, in our little music teacher triangle. Another girl, a wonderful out of state teacher whom I like very well, put in her bids on both jobs, we'll call her teacher "C". I and a professor friend mentioned "C" to my principal and we were rooting for her to get the second music job. Well, she didn't as you already know....however all three of us, the professor friend, "C", and myself happen to be at this same school at this same time. I'm taking the advanced level of our course, and "C" is taking the first level.

So, professor friend and I are discussing my excitement over my new job. Along comes teacher "C". We ask her if she had bid on any of the music jobs in our area.

"Oh yeah," loud voice, "I bid on both of them but the board never even called me. They put "teacher B" in one of the jobs and just swung SOME WOMAN into the OTHER JOB...!"

Silence. Professor friend is the first to break it to "C",

"Lydee here, is THE OTHER WOMAN."

"Oh...I mean...they told me she was 54....she's been around forever...."

(Gina's in the background trying not to crack up. Houston, we have a problem.)

Yeah, so I rooted for this child. I tell her it's okay, I had a similar situation happen to me just two short years ago. After all, I've "been around forever."

I am, however only 29.

I think I'll enjoy being THE OTHER WOMAN. (Sexy grin, evil laugh)


sophanne July 23, 2007 at 7:32 AM  

Holy awkward moment batman! I am so laughing and laughing. More than that, i am REALLY proud that you held it together the way you did and didn't give her several pieces of yer brilliant mind. E-mail me with some names, please! I'm pretty sure I know B but not C.

Sarah July 23, 2007 at 11:07 PM  

Not cool, very bad idea to gripe in front of a person who tried to get the job for you.

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