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Reminiscence: Mother-Daughter Relationships

My favorite picture of my mom and dad

As a prelude and note of explaination to this post, you should check out uberstrickenfrau's post: I dreamed I was a Rock Goddess...but I got Stoned.

I began to comment on her comment on my comment and all comments, etc, but thought a post would be easier.

That is definitely something I would have done to my mother.

Yarnhog if you want ideas for your own children, my mother has some doozies!

Frau, I can tell you have a nice relationship with your daughter. It reminds me of my mother and I. I see the humor in it, maybe because my mother and I have done stuff like that to eachother, LOL! Like the time she packed baby food in my lunch for school, or the time she put the rubber fishing worms (minus the hooks!) in my pb&j sandwich in my school lunch. The worms, neatly disguised, were especially disgusting.

Or the time she put saran wrap on the toilet, cedar chips in my box of cereal, or would hold the phone extension over the toilet and flush it when she thought I'd been on the phone with a boy too long...

You know how some moms are stage moms? Not my mom. Oh yeah, I could sing, but so could she and she had a guitar and a wicked sense of humor to go with it. Mom had a whole act for us ready to go for all the times people would ask her to sing for church functions and whatnot.

It included "You've Gotta Have Skin" to the tune of "You've Gotta Have Heart" (you've gotta have skin, all you really need is skin....and when the doctor know's that you're feelin' sick, where does he stick his needle in? In the end of your skin).

She found two rubber chickens for us to coreograph into the song.

And there was "God Bless my Underwear" to the tune of "God Bless America". God bless my underwear, my only pair. I adore them but I tore them on the nail of the old rocking chair. From the front seam to the back seam I tore them beyond repair. God bless my underwear, my only pair.

Of course, Mom couldn't leave out the props for God Bless My Underwear: long red union suits attached to broom poles that we'd wave like flags.

She had an entire arsenal of songs like that. I think she got them from the original "Praire Home Companion" radio shows they had on in the early 80's.

I did have fun singing with her despite the occasional embarassing moment (like the time the mayor showed up for the church dinner & show).

Mom taught me not to take myself so seriously! Or, maybe that's how she got her revenge on me....


sophanne July 1, 2007 at 10:51 AM  

Didn't she also get your young brother a bag of potatoes for christmas when he was five- or did you do that? I love that story.

Lydee July 1, 2007 at 11:26 AM  

Umm...that was my former life.

Somehow my brother, at age 5 or so, found out what I was getting him for Christmas: a Thomas Train something or other. So I took the train parts out of the box and replaced them with gift wrapped potatoes. Then I wrapped up the whole thing.

He was warned that if he peeked at his gifts, Santa would replace them with potatoes.

Christmas Day, he had a conniption until my husband got the real Thomas Train parts from our car.

Yarnhog July 1, 2007 at 1:55 PM  

Oh, boy. I almost wish I had the guts to do that to my kids. I always tell them that if they peek, I have to take back the presents. So far, that's working (as far as I know). Your mom sounds like a total blast! My mom's not really the playful sort, although she's a great mom.

Sarah July 1, 2007 at 3:37 PM  

That is great stuff. I often break into song when my daughter is especially grumpy. I find it offsets any bad mood I might get into as a result of her bad mood, and she usually smiles and snaps out of the grumps.

I may have to stash some of your mother's other tips when I need them later on.

uberstrickenfrau July 1, 2007 at 8:05 PM  

I LOVE your Mama! She's my hero. I can only hope to half as funnie and clever as she is! Thanks for sharing that, I was laughing all through that post! My daughter learned that underwear song in girlscouts.If your dear sainted mother is still alive, tell her SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

Haley July 2, 2007 at 10:21 AM  

It was great to read about your mom. My mom was not quite as entertaining growing up, but she's pretty funny as an adult. It's great to see someone else who also has a great relationship with her mom. My mom and I have both taken up knitting at the same time(well, she re-took up knitting). anyway, it's fun to have another something in common. thanks for sharing.

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