Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pics from the Beach

Picture Day, well actually I've only taken a few so far, and it was in the evening, so they're not great, but I'll take more later.

Click on any to view full size.

Bibi and another "critter", a crab

Hubbie and girls. Emmy has a lollipop in her mouth.


Hubbie and girls


sophanne August 9, 2007 at 1:26 PM  

Beautiful pix... I'm experiencing beach envy. I'm guessing you won't be back for the wedding?

In that bottom picture Bibs looks like she's you and she's saying "CMON MAMA!"

(The last Sunday in August is good for me-if it isn't I'll make sure it is!)

Yarnhog August 9, 2007 at 3:47 PM  

What cute, cute little girls! I always assumed I'd have daughters, and instead I got three boys. They're aliens. Really.

Kristin August 10, 2007 at 5:20 AM  

I just love the beach!!
Happy vacation. (did I say that already?)

Haley August 10, 2007 at 8:58 PM  

love beach pictures. lovely! sorry to hear about the shark. we saw LOTS of dolphins while we were there, but no sharks. have a safe trip home!

uberstrickenfrau August 11, 2007 at 10:55 AM  

The last pic ought to be your christmas card picture this year! OOOh, the envy!!!!

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